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Utah Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet
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Item #2-3025-085

Utah Mixed Metal Cuff Bracelet

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• Sterling silver and copper overlay geometric cuff bracelet
• Genuine picture jasper, red jasper and tiger eye bezel-set cabochons
• Cuff fits an average-sized wrist, measuring 5-1/2" inside circumference x 1-7/16" wide
• Designed and crafted in America with gemstones from around the world

There is only one place in the United States where you can touch the earth of four states at once. This magical place is the Four Corners where the boundaries of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona come together. From our Four Corners collection comes the Utah cuff bracelet. The dramatic red rock pinnacles, cliffs and arches of Utah's Canyon-lands are reflected in sculptural layers of silver, copper, picture jasper, red jasper and tiger eye.

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The red rock formations of Sedona, Arizona rise majestically against the Southwestern landscape in warm shades of deep red and chocolate brown. Jewelry designer Carolyn Pollack recalls her inspiration for the Sedona collection, "In the still of a beautiful Sedona morning, as the sun rose into the Arizona sky, I was transfixed by the warm, healing quality of the red rock formations." Carolyn recreates the serenity of Sedona in her sterling silver gemstone jewelry collection.

• .925 sterling silver jewelry is a combination of 92.5% silver and usually 7.5% copper, although sometimes another alloy or combination of alloys is used. The hallmark of .925 sterling silver on a piece of jewelry ensures the highest quality of silver.
• Copper has played an important role in jewelry since the Bronze Age. Today it is used in almost every piece of jewelry as an alloy with other precious metals to add strength and durability.
• Hessonite garnet, a reddish-brown variation of the gemstone often with honey-colored inclusions, also known as the "cinnamon stone" is said to bring success, wealth and notoriety in society.
• Orange carnelian energizes, creating a positive outlook. Also known as the alternative birthstone for July, carnelian alleviates the fear of death, improves analytical abilities and motivates success in business.
• Red jasper is said to have a powerful grounding quality and the ability to eliminate negative energy. It is believed to strengthen the circulatory system, regulate metabolic energy and promote physical stamina.
• With its rich amber color and luminous golden and chocolate bands, tiger's eye is named for its resemblance to the eye of a tiger. Tiger's eye has long been said to ease sexual tension and help partners connect on psychic levels.
• Picture jasper exudes warmth with its rich chocolate tones and variegated lines forming "pictures" within the stone. Jasper is believed to bring tranquility and protection.
• Smoky quartz lifts depression, dispelling negative moods and promoting positive thinking. A clear, chocolate brown crystal, smoky quartz is believed to alleviate nightmares.
• Maple jasper, a variation of the "spotted stone" jasper, is so named for its similarity to maple syrup with its rich and varied shades of caramel. Jasper is believed to bring tranquility and protection.

Corrugated and swirl-patterned sterling silver beads combine with burnt orange-red and warm chocolate opaque and translucent gemstones to create earthy strands of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Touches of copper accentuate the rusty hues of hessonite garnet and the complex colors of red, maple, and picture jasper.

Sterling silver etched feathers add a unique finishing touch and a contemporary Southwestern style to earrings and a classic lariat necklace.

Capturing the ever-changing russet and chocolate shades of Sedona's red rocks, this Southwestern gemstone collection complements earth-tone wardrobe pieces like rust, brown, or camel tunics, making it a natural choice for autumn. Or add a touch of warm color during the chilly days of winter. A simple outfit transforms to extraordinary by layering various lengths of gemstone beads with a sterling silver necklace. Embrace Southwestern culture with earrings and lariats featuring the sterling silver feather, a traditional motif in Southwestern jewelry design.

Like all fine jewelry, Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Jewelry should be handled carefully. Store jewelry in a plastic bag, dry and wrapped in tissue paper, when not being worn or displayed. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth when necessary, but never subject to chlorine, silver dips, chemical solutions or ultrasonic cleaners, as these substances can cause the genuine gemstones to discolor. Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool.

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