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Bill and Carolyn Pollack Collaborative Inlay Cuff Bracelet
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Bill and Carolyn Pollack Collaborative Inlay Cuff Bracelet

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Collaborative inlaid cuff by Carolyn and Bill Pollack will be a treasure for your wrist and jewelry box! At the center orange and purple spiny shell diamond shape is framed by turquoise and sterling silver pierced petals. The outer part of the channel inlay design features lapis, shades of variscite, purple and orange spiny oyster and blue turquoise. The cuff is decorated with detailed stamp patterns. Gallery worthy! Cuff has a 5-3/4" inside circumference. Made in America with gemstones from around the world.

The Inlaid Treasures Collection captures the colors and elements of the Southwest in unique, abstract geometric patterns. The natural beauty of the rugged mountains, rolling hills, sweeping desert, and endless sky are depicted in an inlay pattern with shards of brightly colored gemstones like blue lapis, orange spiny oyster shell, and turquoise. The collection's colorful, sterling silver pendants, earrings, and rings are inspired by the culture and landscape of the Southwest – the intricate weaving pattern of a traditional gathering rug, an excursion along the Rio Grande River, or a hike into a field of wildflowers.

The deep blue color of lapis features golden Pyrite inclusions that twinkle like little stars. It was one of the first stones ever to be used and worn for jewelry. Known as the alternative birthstone for September and the traditional birthstone for December, lapis is believed to help overcome depression, insomnia, and vertigo. Orange spiny oyster shell symbolizes the life that flourished in the mystical oceans, far away from the desert southwest. Spiny oyster shell originates in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. Southwesterners prized turquoise, the heart of Southwestern tradition, as currency, as a talisman of good health, and most importantly as beautiful jewelry. Known as the modern birthstone for December, turquoise heals and promotes spiritual attunement. It attracts abundance and prosperity. Several Southwestern states celebrate it as their state stone: Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Channel and mosaic inlay are traditional Southwestern jewelry techniques that give the Inlaid Treasures collection its rich tapestry of color.

Also known as chip inlay, mosaic inlay is a modern adaptation of two earlier techniques - mosaic inlay lapidary and overlay silverwork. Background areas of silver overlay that would be left black in the original overlay method are instead filled with an epoxy and mosaic fragments of turquoise, jet, black onyx, coral, and other materials, similar to ancient pottery shards. Mosaic inlay was first made in the early 1960's by a few highly creative Southwestern silversmiths in northeastern Arizona.

Channel inlay involves incredible lapidary skills. Genuine stones and shells are cut into precise sizes and shapes, in order to fit together in a silver setting like a perfect puzzle. The result is a vibrant geometric pattern of color. Often, as with Inlaid Treasures, silver is incorporated into the channel inlay design, separating and distinguishing the individual stones.

The unique color combinations of the Inlaid Treasures collection give a nod to this spring's ethnic and tribal trends, complementing a casual denim outfit or creating a focal point for a dressier ensemble. Inspired by the traditional channel and mosaic inlay techniques of Southwest natives, Inlaid Treasures transforms the rituals of the culture into a modern expression of artistic jewelry.

Like all fine jewelry, Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Jewelry should be handled carefully. Store jewelry in a plastic bag, dry and wrapped in tissue paper, when not being worn or displayed. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth when necessary, but never subject to chlorine, silver dips, chemical solutions or ultrasonic cleaners, as these substances can cause the genuine gemstones to discolor. Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool.

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