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Vintage Gallery Purple and Pink Pendant Enhancer
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Vintage Gallery Purple and Pink Pendant Enhancer

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A unique designer look and bold piece, putting a twist on traditional Southwestern jewelry. This piece will accessorize berry tones, purple fashions and all neutrals just perfectly. Sterling silver multistone pear shape pendant includes in the center a beautiful pear shaped purple cape amethyst and surrounding it are gray mabe shell, pink rhodonite and red garnet all in a gallery bezel setting. Around the center stone, is a stamped heart pattern. On the back is a large sterling silver hinged bail that snaps closed. Perfect for the chain of your choice, bold beaded necklace or scarf. Pendant measures 2-1/4" long x 1-1/2" wide, hinged bail measures 5/8" x 9/16" wide. Made in America with gemstones from around the world.

Discount silver jewelry manufacturer Relios brings you first quality retired southwestern jewelry, handcrafted from design to delivery in the American Southwest. Real silver and stones in natural lifestyle looks at greatly discounted prices anywhere from 40 to 70% off.
Corazon™ is the Spanish word meaning "heart" and this collection represents a wide variety of the very heart of the American Southwest. Corazon™ is our discount silver jewelry outlet, so expect to find incredible prices for our exceptionally high quality and distinctive designs. Each piece, as always, is carefully handcrafted with real silver and stones. Because Corazon™ is available in limited quantities, be sure to purchase your favorite silver jewelry pieces today!

People of the Southwest prized green turquoise, the heart of Southwestern tradition, as currency, as a talisman of good health, and most importantly as beautiful jewelry. Known as the modern birthstone for December, turquoise is often called the "sky stone" by Southwestern people. The warm purple hues of February"s birthstone, amethyst, exude tranquility and spirituality
• Pink rhodonite promotes a sense of inner calm, self-worth, peace, happiness, joy, and laughter. Rhodonite clears the mind of confusion and doubt, while helping to achieve one's greatest potential.
• Garnet, the modern birthstone for January and Connecticut's state stone, represents love, revitalizes feelings, and controls anger, especially toward oneself. While preventing fears of insecurity, garnet builds self-esteem and generates balance and awareness.
• The name citrine comes from the French citron or "lemon" and named so for its bright yellow color. Known as the modern birthstone for November, citrine is believed to alleviate depression, enhance creativity, and symbolizes happiness, wisdom, and peace.
• Orange carnelian energizes, creating a positive outlook. Also known as the alternative birthstone for July, carnelian alleviates the fear of death, improves analytical abilities, and motivates success in business.
• Gray mabé pearls are cultivated blister pearls, grown on the inside shell of a mollusk. They are believed to alleviate emotional imbalances, enhance personal integrity, and smooth the peaks and valleys of emotional expression.
• Quartzite is a metamorphic rock composed of sandstone that has been transformed by nature. Pure quartzite is usually white to gray in color. The quartzite in the Vintage Gallery collection has been dyed a soft, peach color.

The Vintage Gallery collection showcases deep green and berry-colored, gemstone cabochons, which are round, oval, rectangle, or teardrop shaped stones without any facets and a rounded or domed surface, usually with a flat back. From the French "caboche", meaning "knob or small dome", the cabochons are set into a gallery wire bezel, which is an ornately designed pierced wire used as a decorative appliqué to secure the gemstones to the piece. The combination of brightly colored cabochons and gallery bezel design creates a romantic, vintage-inspired look, a unique twist to traditional, Southwestern design.

The collection's signature pendant features a hinged bail, providing the freedom to attach it to any size chain, scarf, or beaded necklace, while creating countless unique looks.

Bring back old world romance and charm with the antique-inspired designs and opulent details of the Vintage Gallery collection. Deep green turquoise and majestic berry amethyst, set in the intricate gallery bezel design, exude femininity and romance. These rich jewel tones add sophistication and brilliant color to classic neutral, purple, pink, or green shades – staples in any woman's wardrobe. Pair the signature, tear-shaped pendant with the beaded 36' necklace and wear it as a single strand or doubled to create a chunkier look. Finish off the vintage style statement with the clustered, cabochon cuff bracelet in sterling silver.

Like all fine jewelry, Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Jewelry should be handled carefully. Store jewelry in a plastic bag, dry and wrapped in tissue paper, when not being worn or displayed. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth when necessary, but never subject to chlorine, silver dips, chemical solutions or ultrasonic cleaners, as these substances can cause the genuine gemstones to discolor. Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool.

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